Straight Ticket Voting is Ruining Houston (and Texas is Next)

Last night, the state of Texas dodged a bullet.  It wasn't named Beto (or Lupe).  The bullet was named Straight Ticket Voting.

This past election was the last one that Texas voters were able to punch a single button  and be done with their civic duty.  Every election from here on out will  require the voter to take the time and read the ballot.

And this is good news for Republicans.  Because Republicans never voted straight ticket in the numbers that Democrats did.

You saw the effects of this in Harris County--Beto  beat Cruz by about 200,000 votes.  Which was almost the same margin as  the difference between Straight Ticket Democrat voting and Straight  Ticket Republican voting.

With so many  Democrats punching a single button, you saw all the Republican county  judges thrown out of office.  We witnessed the loss of Ed Emmitt as  county judge to a 27 yr old political newbie who has never even attended  a single Commissioners' Court meeting.

Yep.  Straight Ticket voting generally sucks for Republicans.

So, starting in 2020, the GOP can breathe a small sigh of relief.  This Dem advantage has gone away.

Now  the state-level GOP needs to get its shizzle together, recruit decent  candidates--guys like Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy--and actually go out and  educate the voters, and get them enthused about reading the WHOLE  ballot.

Because, unfortunately, Democrats can read ballots, too.

Sandra Peterson
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