Antifa Publishes Home Address Of Conservative Journalists

A lot of Democrats seem to think Republicans are too harsh on journalists, but how would you categorize this deed of hate? 

Last night an Antifa mob showed up at the DC home of Fox News anchor Tucker  Carlson and chanted hateful and violent slogans.  No arrests were made  and it's not clear if Carlson's family was home at the time. 

Shortly after this happened, an Antifa affiliated Twitter account (which has  now been removed from Twitter) posted the home addresses of Carlson's  brother, as well as conservative author Ann Coulter, Fox News host Sean  Hannity and the Daily Caller's Neil Patel.

The tweets may have reached as many as 3000 people.

Along with posting their personal information, the Antifa-linked account also said, “politics affects people’s lives.”


Photo by Getty Images

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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