iJeb! Bush Defends Jim Acosta After He Pushed a Woman On Video

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Shortly after the now infamous White House presser that featured Jim Acosta getting schooled by President Trump before physically pushing a female intern, notable RINO Jeb Bush  took to Twitter to defend his favorite TV news dork.

iJeb! says:

     The media is not the enemy of the people. The freedom of the press is  protected by the Constitution. Presidents never enjoy pointed questions  from the press, but President Trump should respect their right to ask  them and respect Americans enough to answer them.

Obviously  Jeb is very low energy.  He lacks the cojones to understand the Right's  criticism of fake news has more to do with stopping Leftist propaganda  and virtually nothing to do with making run-of-the-mill journalists look  like bad people.

But Jeb doesn't understand because he's not on the Right and he never has been.  

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Photo by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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