Colorado State Univ: Saying "You Guys" or "Long Time No See" is Offensive

If everything is offensive, then nothing is offensive. 

Administrators at Colorado State University say students shouldn't use the phrase "long time, no see," because it's derogatory.  Not towards blind people . . . towards people of Asian descent.  It's because the phrase originated as an example of broken English used by Chinese immigrants.  Or something like that.  They didn't explain why.

Colorado State University's list of non-inclusive language also includes "you guys."  Because it's not gender neutral.

Is this ridicolous?  Very much so, yes.  Most people won't see racial subtext in the phrase "long time, no see" unless they have already been instructed to be offended by it.  

Remember that scene in Dazed & Confused where Matthew McConaughey says "long time, no see"? According to educators at Colorado State University, that scene is offensive.   Not because McConaughey's charecter goes trolling for highschool girls, but because he briefly speaks in broken English.


Advertisement for Rough on Rats brand pesticide and insecticide uses a racist sterotype to depict a Chinese man as he prepares to eat a rat, surrounded by text that lists the type of pests the product will 'Clear Out,' 1880s. It was printed by the Boston-based firm Forbes. (Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

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