Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's Freshman Orientation

It's freshman congressional orientation time!  Newly-minted  Congress-critters and Senators are all in DC learning how to Congress.   I'm sure there will be tours of the Capitol, Executive Office Building,  and the cute little monorail.  There will probably be mountains of  bacon-wrapped shrimp at receptions paid for by lobbyists and  heart-to-heart sessions with party leadership.  There might even be  courses on how to file bills and actually get stuff done for your  constituents.

The vast majority of freshman congressmen will be taking notes.

Except for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  

She's  looking forward to her "inauguration" on January 3rd, but is totes  stressed about living arrangements because she her job really doesn't  start until January, and she's having to couch surf.

But, she found time to go protest climate change in front of Nancy Pelosi's office yesterday!

Ocasio-Cortez  joined other climate activists protesting for a "Green New Deal",  implying that more legislative action is needed to stop global warming  in the next 200 years.

She is a darling of these greenie weenies.  She was greeted with high fives and applause as she showed up.

"I  just want to let you all know how proud I am of each and every single  one of you. For putting yourselves and your bodies and everything on the  line to make sure we save our planet.  We do not have a choice. We have  to get to 100 percent renewable energy in 10 years. There is no other  option."

Lest we forget, Ocasio-Cortez made  climate change one of the cornerstones of her campaigning, ripping the  Trump administration as cowardly for not addressing the issue. She  compared it to the existential threat of Nazi Germany and called for the  government to mobilize all its forces to achieve 100 percent renewable  energy.

The people outside Pelosi's office  protesting are not Girl Scouts by any stretch of the imagination.  They  were from Justice Democrats and Sunrise.  These groups want the federal  government to spend money in order to bring about some sort of utopia by  enacting the Green New Deal.

What is the Green New Deal you ask?  

Well, think FDR's disastrous New Deal meets Captain Planet for starters.  

Green New Dealers want:

  1.  Government spending in massive infrastructure programs to use technologies that do not exist.  

  2.   Some of the money for these programs would come from a directed tax on  energy companies.  Think of paying $10/gallon of gas.  But be happy that  the air is no cleaner.  Yeah, even Washington state shot down that  idea.

  3.  MORE financial incentives for green technologies.  I guess Solyndra wasn't a big enough object lesson.

  4.  Green influence over central bank policy to use "green quantitative  easing" to create money to fund the "great transition" to a society free  of fossil fuels and other measures that aim to preserve the biosphere.   Now, that's a great idea--float more debt.  What could possibly go  wrong?

Nancy Pelosi decided to sent an olive  branch to the group outside her office by saying that she recommended  that Congress re-instate the Select Committee on Climate Change.  And  she's already talking about spending another trillion dollars on  infrastructure.  

Wait, didn't we do that already?  What about those "shovel-ready" jobs?

Where did that trillion dollars go?

Maybe Alexandra can use some of that for rent....

Sandra Peterson
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