Democratic Socialist Franklin Bynum Elected Judge in Houston

Harris County, Texas has elected its first ever socialist... Technically he's a "democratic" socialist, but tomato-tomahto.  

Franklin Bynum, a 35-year-old former public defender is now the judge for Harris County Criminal Court at Law Number 8.

If Franklin Bynum's name sounds familiar to you, that's not just your imagination.  Remember the news story about the Harris County 911 operator who hung up on thousands of people?  That was his client.  That 911 operator's name is Crenshanda Williams and she was sent to jail for her negligence.

Bynum is a political newcomer who believes United States prosecutors are  operating, "one of the largest, most oppressive punishment bureaucracies  in the world."

In a recent interview with leftist news outlet Jacboin, he said "I have always been acutely aware of this when I  was growing up in Harris County, Texas, which sent dozens of people to  their deaths every year. It’s prosecutors seeking those sentences. When I  say that I’ve never been a prosecutor, what I mean is that I’ve never  made that."

As much as I agree with the need for criminal  justice reform, it's hard for me to think of the United States as being  one of the most oppressive places on Earth.

Even still, he won the election fair and square and now we have a socialist working in Harris County's court system.  

Texas has always been red, but is this one more sign that the state is turning purple?  


Photo courtesy of Franklin Bynaum's Twitter account.  

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