Number of People on Food Stamps Down 4 MILLION Since Trump Took Office

We never get enough good news these days!  But there's plenty of  great things happening in the USA to talk about.  Like this for  example...

According to newly released data from the U.S.  Department of Agriculture, the number of people in America participating  in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP aka Food Stamps)  has dropped by 4,123,082 since Trump was inaugurated president.

This  is fantastic news!  When I was a kid it was considered shameful and  embarrassing to be on food stamps, but that optic changed during Obama's  time in office.   

But now, thanks to a thriving economy and  the red wave that took place between 2014 and 2018, people are getting  back to work and off the gov't teet.  

Let's hope it stays this way.   

By the way, what would you guess people spend the most money on with their food stamps?  Lunch meat, frozen food, fresh chicken, cold cereal, bread, cheese, ground beef and milk are all appropriately in the top 10, but here's two things that shouldn't be: salty bagged snacks (potato and corn chips) and soda pop.  In fact, soda pop is the number one thing people buy with their food stamps.  Of course there's no nutritional value in Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper, but this fact is especially frustrating when you consider how many big cities around America have a "soda tax" for sugary drinks.  

While people continue to waste their food stamp benefits on things they probably shouldn't be buying, those of us who work for a living will sleep better knowing there's less of these parasites now that Trump has become our President. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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