Caravan Migrants Have Arrived & It's Not What the Liberal Media Expected

Oh joy! The caravan (or, more accurately, one of the  caravans) is here!  Now liberals will finally get to see why we sent  troops to the border...

...the real reason. Folks, it's  probably not what you think.  Seriously, what do you think all of  General Mattis' troops are doing down at the border?  If you're to  believe the liberal media, you're probably expecting the troops at our  border to start shooting at migrants, right? Or are they capturing the  refugees in nets?  Maybe the troops are sealing up the migrants in a box  and mailing them back to their third world Central American crap-hole  countries?

Nope – basically the National Guard and Border Patrol  are busy setting up tent cities, passing out meal rations and bottle  water and making sure everyone is getting proper healthcare treatment.

Yep.  Sorry for bursting your bubble, hyperbolic America, but that's  literally what they're doing - helping the caravan.   It’s not exactly a  tense showdown at the O.K. Corral.  

Last night members of a caravan from Central America reached the U.S. border near Tijuana and slept in shelters and in tents.

They arrived by bus and several men climbed on top of the fence to take a look at their final destination. 

There  are currently about 200 migrants in the group but many more are on the  way.  If conservatives don't like this news they should lobby  politicians to change our laws that grant asylum to refugees.  If  liberals don't like this news they should volunteer their homes to the  migrants so they can free up room in the tents and border facilities.   But neither group will probably do what they "should" do, and instead  just focus on complaining and whining on social media while invoking no  change. This is the state of our immigration system in 2018.

Photo of caravan member taking a siesta by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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