Stormy Daniels: Politics and Trump Have 'Completely Destroyed' My Career

Make sure you're sitting down when you listen to this news, because it's hilarious.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels says controversial news about politics and Donald Trump have  “completely destroyed” her career.

Stormy  appeared at an event over the weekend titled, "Sex, Guns and Other  Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free" to discuss the aftermath of the  controversy involving her alleged affair with the President.

She claims the stress of dealing with her new found political fame has made  it hard for her to concentrate on writing and directing, which are the  real passions of her adult film career.

Do I really have to be the one who makes the statement that's completely obvious to everyone here?  

There's no way that having sex with the President has hindered the career of a woman who has sex on film for a living.  

This  isn't my opinion - it's a fact.  Being accused of having sex with  President Trump has made Stormy Daniels the most famous adult film star on Earth.  If anything, this has amplified her career and increased her  earnings.

Back in April Forbes published an article detailing  how she's earning as much as $75,000 for club appearances, which is  considerably higher than what featured performers normally earn for that  type of work.  One can only assume she's seeing a similar increase in  revenue from selling movies in her back catalog (and online streaming  services).

To put it bluntly, Stormy is gonna be fine.  Having  sex with the President is probably the best thing that ever happened to  her.  

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