Ivanka Trump used personal email accounts for government business

Last year White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump used  personal email accounts to conduct government business, according to a  government watchdog group.

According to  the Washington post, the White House conducted an investigation into  Ivanka's email usage and determined she used a personal email address  for most of 2017.

A  watchdog group, American Oversight, says Ivanka used her personal email  accounts to contact cabinet officials, aides and assistants.  

The 1978 Presidential Record Act requires all White House communications to be recorded and preserved.

Critics  are now drawing comparisons between this new report and the claims that  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conducted government business  on a private email server.

If the  reports are true, does this change how you feel about Ivanka?  How is this different from what Hillary was accused of doing?  Should Ivanka step down from her position?


Update: Ivanka handed over all of her emails for a White House internal review without ‘bleaching’ them.  But it still looks bad.


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