Pentagon: border troop deployment will cost $72 million

According to a spokesperson at the Pentagon, the troops we've  deployed to the border to handle the influx of migrant caravans will  cost US tax payers about $72 million.

Liberals will respond  to this news by criticizing Trump.  They'll suggest he sent the troops  to the border for no reason, but that only speaks to their ignorance on  the subject.

The troops at the border are building tent facilities, administering healthcare services and providing food to the caravan.   They're also providing security from the more violent individuals in the group.  

The  $72 million cost of sending troops to the border to deal with the  caravan isn't a consequence of Trump's policies, it's happening because  of the Refugee Act of the mid 20th century that requires our country to  take in people seeking asylum from poverty or crime. 

 If we  want to stop the influx of migrants over the border, we have to change  our policies.  This will require action from Congress.  It actually has a  lot less to do with Trump than people seem to believe.  

Photo by Getty Images

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