John Kerry Admits: Immigration 'Crushed' Europe (video)

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reluctantly  admitted last week during a trip to Europe that the continent has been "crushed" by mass immigration.

Kerry made the remarks while speaking at an event in London.

He  was trying to make an argument against climate change, but he  accidentally proved President Trump was right - mass immigration will  destroy a culture.

Kerry said, "Europe is already crushed under this  transformation that is taking place due to migration. In Germany, Angela  Merkel is weakened. Italian politics is significantly impacted."

Yep.   And it has almost nothing to do with "climate change".  Those refugees  came to Europe because they were fleeing from war, poverty, Sharia and  socialism.


John Kerry, former U.S. Secretary of State, speaks during the International Mayors Climate Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., on Thursday, June 7, 2018. The summit focuses on the best practices and steps city leaders can take to address climate change globally and in their own communities. Photographer: Scott Eisen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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