Obama takes credit for oil industry that he tried to destroy

Aside from this booming economy, President Obama is also taking credit for America becoming the largest oil producer and he does so right here in Houston last night: “Suddenly America is the biggest oil producer -- that was me, people."

Um... Slow down, Barack. Besides creating an almost countless number of anti-fossil fuel related regulations (and being sued over and over for trying to crush the oil industry with said regulations) Obama was a huge outspoken critic of oil, gas & coal.

Here's a flashback to something he said in 2012: Congress, “can either place their bets on a fossil fuel from the last century, or they can place their bets on America’s future."

The year 2012 was an interesting time for Obama. Besides that quote, he also told us this: “we can’t drill our way to lower gas prices...we gotta have an all of the above strategy of...not just oil & gas but wind and solar and bio-fuels...less oil”...

Then in 2012 at the State of the Union Address, Obama said it was time to “double down” on clean energy.

Last night at a black tie affair for Rice University’s Baker Center with author Jon Meacham and former White House chief of staff James Baker, Obama said “Look, I know we are an oil country and we need American energy. And by the way, American energy production, you would not always know it, but it went up every year I was president. And that whole -- suddenly America is the biggest oil producer -- that was me, people... Sometimes you go to Wall Street and folks be grumbling about anti business. I said, have you checked where your stocks were when I came? What are you talking about? What are you complaining about? Just say thank you, please.”

He's lying. He didn't fix our economy anymore than he helped the oil industry. Ask anyone who works in the oil industry - they hated having a President for 8 years who actively worked against them.

And then in 2012 Obama said the answer to America’s energy independence is not “oil & gas” it was an “all of the above” strategy with “wind and solar and bio-fuels” and he went out of his way to give tax subsidies to failing "green" energy companies (who just so happened to be owned by some of his biggest political donors).

So how is that “all of the above” approach working? We still get 87% of our energy from fossil fuels, which just so happens to be the only affordable, reliable and universally dependable energy source on earth. Fossil fuels also represent the primary technology responsible for getting more people out of poverty in the 20th and 21st centuries than any other technology imaginable.

Obama and his pals wasted over $2 Billion of tax payer dollars in providing loan guarantees to green energy companies, who then promptly defaulted on the loans, leaving the poor citizens with the tab.

Of the 38 companies that sought the government backed loans--only one, Tesla, actually paid the money back. Another company didn't default, but 36 others, including names like Solyndra and Fiskar did.

And what did all that green stimulus money actually do to the US energy profile? Not. A. Damn. Thing.

The only real growth in green energy has been in the areas of wind (still less than 1% of the energy produced) and biomass (trash burning). The rest--solar, geothermal, hydroelectric--have either been neglected for investment (hydro) or are still expensive toys that people use to virtue signal their way into feeling good about themselves.

Fossil fuels--oil, gas, coal--still account for nearly 90% of the energy produced, consumed, and exported by this country. And even the government says they will still account for at least 75% of production in 25 years.

So, no, Barack Obama, you did not build this. WE built it with our ingenuity and investment, despite all the roadblocks you threw up.

Why don't you go and join Hillary and Bill on their stadium tour? I heard they need help selling seats, and nothing says "I'm relevant" by interviewing political has-been hacks.

Our oil & gas industry isn't thriving because of Obama, it's thriving despite Obama.

Go home, Barack. You're drunk.

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