Texas Farmer w/ Cancer Couldn't Harvest Crops, Then Amazing Thing Happened

A cotton farmer outside Lubbock, Texas named Greg Bishop got  diagnosed with leukemia back in September.  And he's been too sick to  harvest his crops.  

So on Monday, a bunch of other farmers brought in  their equipment and did it for him.  

CNN Reports:

Aaron Hendricks, the General Manager of  Floydada Co-Op Gins, has known Bishop for about 25 years and says he's a  respected member of the community.

"He would not have asked anyone for help, but he would have been the first one out if somebody else was sick," Hendricks said.

Hendricks  told CNN that about 80 or 90 people came to help with Bishop's harvest.  He didn't have an exact count, but says a local chemical business  brought in 75 hamburgers to feed everyone and ended up running out.

Photo by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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