Stormy Daniels to protest at Louisiana State Capitol

Adult film star Stormy Daniels will be returning to her hometown of  Baton Rouge, Louisiana on December 9th to protest in front of the State  Capitol with adult entertainers from a number of New Orleans area adult  entertainment clubs. 

They want to repeal a recently passed law making it illegal for some adult women to choose a career as an exotic dancer.  

A recent decision upholding the law by the 5th Circuit Court says women  aged 18-20 can not dance at gentleman's clubs in the state.

Interestingly  enough, this is a law that was pushed by Democrats to discourage people  from becoming prostitutes.  But a woman who's desperate to find work  (and can't legally work as a stripper) is more likely to turn to  prostitution, not less likely.  That's pretty logical, right? 

Ms. Daniels is a tacky, exploitative, professional sleaze bag, but she's not wrong about protesting this law.  It stinks. 

Photos by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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