Climate Change Alarmists Lose in France

Climate change alarmists are losing the global war against logic.

After weeks of protests and riots in Paris and around France, the "Yellow Vests" have won their feud with President Emmanuel "French Gigolo" Macron.

France's Macron has scrapped the anti-fossil fuel tax. Initially, the tax was put on hold for 6 months until the summer. Then somebody realized that a lot of other Europeans vacation (or holiday, as they call it) in France, and they drive their cars. Extra fuel tax would be VERY bad for bidness.

The Associated Press reports an official with the Elysee palace said the president decided to get rid of the tax on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told French lawmakers "the tax is now abandoned" for the 2019 budget, and French government's leadership is "ready for dialogue."

 Is this a sign that the Paris Climate Accord could be next? Probably not, but it's a step in the right direction for people who use their brains to process information.

All that being said, Have you noticed how all the policies intended to help average folks like you and me end up screwing us over instead? And nobody ever gets called out!

In much the same way that anti-fossil fuel taxes only ended up screwing over the middle class in France, yesterday a piece in Bloomberg pointed out that women aren't getting hired on Wall Street because of #MeToo. Bummer.

But you can point out a whole bunch of other liberal policies that ended up screwing people up:

  1. Welfare state
  2. Mortgage lending because of community banking (bad credit risks helped tank the banks in 2008--they couldn't manage risk profiles adequately)
  3. #MeToo
  4.  Speech policies

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

And add one more to your list--California (per The Hill) has approved rules that mandate solar panels on all new homes constructed in the state. Soon, the Golden State will glow with sunlight reflected off solar panels as far as the eye can see.

Currently, the cost to add the panels runs about $10K and is expected to save you $19K in energy costs over a 30 yr period. But do you really see that money?

Nope. Not by a long shot. If you increase your home's price by $10K at today's rate of about 4.6% for a 30 yr mortgage, that will end up costing you about $19K.

California will turn into one giant solar grid. And that will be great! Except for all the fried birds, and then all the bugs that the birds don't eat will consume all the crops in California, turning it into a giant green dust bowl. But that's OK, because it will save us all money! And save the planet.

The point is, we don’t need the government to help us with grassroots political movements and bad policy ideas. If we’re not careful, we might unintentionally allow the invisible hand of government eat us alive (and all in the name of “helping” us).

Thanks, government! 

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