NFL Alternative: Freedom Football league is Coming Soon

After a countless number of news stories about football players taking a knee (not to mention equally controversial news stories about football players beating women) a new pro football league is on the way.  It's called the 'Freedom  Football League,' and it's being launched by 50 former NFL players.   

They want players to get the right kind of attention to their health,  and to talk about important issues.  

Players and season ticket holders  will partially own the teams, and the games will be in the spring and  summer.  

They announced teams for 10 cities, but it's not clear when  it'll actually launch.  

Ricky Williams made the announcement on ESPN's "Outside the Lines".

Speaking of ESPN, Sports Center has decided they're going to stop being a progressive political propaganda mouth piece for the Democrat party and return to their roots: reporting on sports.  

Sports Center's ratings took a hard nose dive after they started virtue-signalling about news stories associated with the BlackLivesMatter movement and the Women's March.

The fact that Sports Center had to announce they're going to stop being political, coupled with the news about the Freedom Football League, is proof positive that conservative patriotic people are sick and tired of the Leftist crap we've been getting from the sports industry over the last two or three years.

In other words: shut and play (and stop beating your wives and girlfriends).  

Photo of kneeling millionaires taken by Getty Images

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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