Spec's sues Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Real heroes don't wear capes... they sell craft beer and bourbon.

The  good people at Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods are suing the Texas  Alcohol Beverage Commission for “abusive regulatory overreach” over an  regulatory action that dragged on for almost two years before falling  apart last year.

The federal lawsuit was filed in Houston in late August but only recently surfaced to the public eye.

In  the court case Specs claims the TABC “wrongfully and maliciously”  attempted to “extort” money from them by threatening to shut down their  business if they didn't give more than $700 million in civil penalties  to the government.Good lord that's a lotta money!

A  pair of judges said the agency failed to prove dozens of allegations and  chastised the agency for failing to disclose evidence to witnesses and  the court.

 The judges said the agency was “stacking” charges, a tactical move used to pressure defendants into settling.

In the end, the judges recommended no fines against Specs.

Now Specs is suing the state of Texas' liquor regulators and we are cheering them on!  Go Specs! 

 The TABC has been an overbearing arm of the Texas government for too long.

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