China is detaining Christians, claims Texas-based human rights group

Here's a short list of high profile people who recently disappeared  in China: the head of INTERPOL, that genetic scientist who makes super  babies & a famous Chinese photo-journalist who criticized Communism.  

Considering what happens in China on a regular basis, this doesn't surprise us at all: a human rights group in Beijing claims the  Chinese authorities have detained at least 80 Christians in a raid on a  prominent church that operates outside the umbrella of the Beijing  government's official Protestant organization.

A Texas-based  group called ChinaAid claims the pastor of the Early Rain Covenant  Church and his wife were detained with others in the southwestern city  of Chengdu on Sunday night.

The Chinese government is not a  big fan of independent church groups. The government requires  Protestants worship only in churches recognized and regulated by the  Three-Self Patriotic Movement. 

The officially atheist ruling Communist Party has removed crosses from official and unofficial churches in recent years.

Many of those detained were seized from their homes overnight Sunday.

According  to the report from the human rights group, the administration of  President Xi Jinping is "deliberately making itself the enemy of  universal values, such as religious freedom for all."

Millions  of Chinese people identify as Protestant Christians.  The religious  movement has grown considerably in recent years despite the Communist  Party's efforts to limit them. The number of Christians rival the number  of people in the Communist ruling party, stands at about 90 million.

Pray for China.

Photo taken Oct. 19, 2018, shows a Chinese flag against the background of a Catholic church in Beijing. (Kyodo)  (Photo by Kyodo News via Getty Images)

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