Caravan Migrants Demand $50K Each From President Trump

Say, what's going on with the caravan (or caravans) today? 

Well, yesterday Two groups of Central American migrants marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana with a list of demands.

One group delivering an ultimatum to President Trump: either let them into our country or pay them $50,000 each to go home.

And  that's not all!  They also want all deportations to be halted and they  think asylum seekers should be processed faster and in greater numbers.

The first group of about 100 caravan members arrived at the consulate around 11 in the morning. 

Honduran caravan organizer  Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa said the $50,000 figure was chosen as a group.

I  gotta call shenanigans here, folks.  Every year America gives Honduras  about $127,408,601 in foreign aid.  We also give $296,868,033 to  Guatemala and $74,831,935 to El Salvador.  

That's your  money, US tax payers.  You're the one who gives them the resources to  pay that foreign to countries who we technically owe nothing to because  they've done nothing for us.

But the demands of the caravan  members get even crazier: a letter from the group criticized our  nation's intervention in Central America (for paying them foreign aid?)  and asked our political leaders to remove Honduran President Orlando  Hernandez from office. They gave the consulate 72 hours to respond.

We  have 72 hours to decide if we're gonna go to war with the President of  Honduras?  That's hilarious and not at all realistic.  

Go home, caravan migrants.  You're drunk.  

Honduran migrants heading in a caravan to the US, hold a demonstration demanding authorities to allow the rest of the group to cross, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas state, Mexico after crossing from Guatemala, on October 20, 2018. - Thousands of migrants who forced their way through Guatemala's northwestern border and flooded onto a bridge leading to Mexico, where riot police battled them back, on Saturday waited at the border in the hope of continuing their journey to the United States. (Photo by Pedro Pardo / AFP) (Photo credit should read PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images)

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