Bernie: the Wall is a bad investment (but he voted for it in 2013)

On Wednesday Sen. Bernie Sanders said he believes building the border wall will be a bad investment.

Oh?  But didn't you vote for it in 2013?

Sanders  (I-Vt.) appeared on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier to discuss  President Trump's border wall, which Bernie says is "costly and  ineffective." 

"Many experts think that given the kind of  technology that we have today, we can protect our southern border  without building the wall and spending $5 billion." 

Bret Baier pointed out that in 2013 Sanders voted for comprehensive  immigration reform, which included several billion dollars for a wall  and enhanced border security.

Bernie replied by saying, "Sometimes you vote for things that are part of a broad package. But if  you're asking me ... [if] it's a good investment for the taxpayers of  this country to build a wall, no, I don't think it's a good investment."

So Bernie votes for things he don't believe in?  


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