California Wants to Tax Text Messages (Seriously)

Right now people are rioting in Paris over an absurd tax law.

I wonder if California keeps up with French news?

Unelected government officials in California want to tax text messages.

The    California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proposed a new tax that    would essentially be a monthly fee based on your cellular bill.

The exact structure of the charge would vary from carrier to carrier. 

Just    so we're clear, California residents are already paying taxes for   their  cell phone bill (just like people do in every other state).   They  also  pay taxes when they purchase the phone.  This would be a  tax on  top of a  tax on top of a tax.  The commission will vote to  decide if  they want this absurd law January 10, 2019.

In  two  months would  anyone be surprised if Californians rioted over a   text-message tax the  same way the French rioted over a fuel tax?

We'll have to wait and see.  

In the meantime, we should all avoid moving to California. They don't deserve us.  

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