House Democrats Prepare for Tax Hikes

If you're a member of the middle  class, the Democrats are coming for your money.  This is not hyperbole -  you should be very concerned at what you're about to learn.

Incoming House Rules Chairman Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) says the House Democrats  have abandoned a rule that required a three-fifths majority to  raise taxes. 

A House rules proposal would have limited the Democrat’s ability to raise taxes.

Democrats don't like rules that prevent them from coming for your money and they're being very open about their intentions. 

During  the midterm elections Democrats all over America told us they planned  to create a trillion dollars in tax hikes and now they're keeping their  promises.

Soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is "Armageddon."   

She says your new tax cuts are "crumbs". 

If you're in the middle class, these tax cuts provide your family with thousands of dollars annually.  

Nancy Pelosi and her hedge fund husband Paul have more than $100 million between the two of them.

To her, thousands of dollars really is "crumbs," but to you it's probably not.

No  matter what the Democrats say about the new tax cuts, reality is very  clear: 90% of us have a higher take-home pay than we did a couple years  ago. 

Small business confidence is higher than ever and so is  the manufacturing industry.  Unemployment is at a record low and life  is better for the Middle Class in late 2018 than it was in early 2016.

Remember: excessive taxation is theft.  Don't let the Democrats take what you've rightfully earned.

Photo of tax monster by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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