Homeless Guy Hands Out $3,000 with Help from Secret Santa (video)

An anonymous Secret Santa recently met a homeless guy in Phoenix named Moses Elder, and gave him a few hundred bucks . . . plus $3,000 to hand out to anyone he wanted.  

Moses gave most of it away to people on the street who stopped and talked to him.  Another $400 went to a guy he knew from church.  And he gave $500 to a woman who's also homeless and has five kids. 

A reporter filmed part of it, and talked with Moses and the Secret Santa.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Ken Webster Jr is a talk radio personality and producer from Houston, TX. He started his career in Chicago on the Mancow show and has since worked at dozens of radio stations all over the country. He’s currently the host of Pursuit of Happiness... Read more


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