Why Elizabeth Warren is wrong about systemic racism

Last week Senator Elizabeth "I'm not an Indian" Warren stood in front of a group of college graduates at a historical black university and told them all they were victims of systemic racism.

Can you believe that?  They have college degrees in the most free country in global history and she told they were all being victimized.

Let's take a closer look at how wrong she is.

Meet Richard Jenkins, a black homeless high school student from Philadelphia.

Richard was recently accepted to Harvard University. His whole life is about to change, but Richard's path to success obviously wasn't easy.   

Besides coming from a low income family with no house, he also dealt with stress migraines caused by his family problems. His condition got so bad that he had to be admitted to a hospital.  

Despite all of this, he managed to earn decent grades and he improved his writing skills in an after school program called Mighty Writers.

Eventually he was accepted to Girard College, a boarding high school for students from single-parent families with financial problems.

At Girard he became a straight A student and had an impressive GPA.  So impressive, in fact, that he was recently accepted to Harvard University with a full scholarship.  

Richard was a homeless black kid from a poor neighborhood who battled with health issues but he worked hard and now he's on a path to lifelong success.  He'll land a great job, earn a high income and eventually give back to his community.  His work is about to pay off big time. 

America - what an awesome country!  

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, lied about her Native American heritage to get into Harvard but Richard, a poor black kid with no home, got there on his own merits.

Life isn't easy.  No one ever said it would be.  But we are so lucky to be Americans.

Congratulations, Richard.  Enjoy your time at Harvard.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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