SheJack Doesn't Regret Spreading Misinformation About Jazmine Barnes Murder

Sheila Jackson Lee doesn't regret spreading false information about the murder of Jazmine Barnes.

Texas's biggest mistake, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, is defending her earlier comments that falsely suggested the drive-by shooting of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes may have been a hate crime.

Both suspects in  the case turned out to be black (not a white individual as Sheila  previously speculated) but she doesn't care about facts.  

Rep.  Sheila Jackson Lee was asked by a reporter last Sunday about some of  the comments she made in the aftermath of the young girl’s death in  Houston on Dec. 30.She says it was “absolutely not” irresponsible to make that inaccurate statement.  

“I  believe – and having written hate crime legislation, knowing the  criteria, I believe that this should be looked at as a hate crime,” Lee  said during a press conference Friday. “We don’t want to have on the  street someone who is willing to kill children and possibly kill them in  the name of hate."

Barnes was shot and killed while sitting  in the backseat of her mom’s car. Witness descriptions of a white man in his forties at the scene of the shooting prompted speculation a hate crime had occurred but those claims turned out to be completely inaccurate, prompting many to question why so much misinformation was initially spread throughout the media.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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