Video: Attempted Coup in Gabon, Military Takes Over Broadcast Studio

It's probably not a good sign for the government in power when a  regularly-scheduled program on state TV is interrupted by a military  coup.

Last Friday President Trump told the US Congress that  the first of about 80 troops had arrived in the African nation of Gabon  two days earlier to protect American citizens and diplomatic facilities  should violence break out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The  leader of Gabon, President Bongo is apparently still in Morocco  recovering from a stroke he suffered last Fall while attending an  investment forum in Saudi Arabia.

Last night, while you were  fast asleep in your American beds, five rebels tried to take charge of a  broadcast studio for state operated media.

According to the government, they've all been apprehended.

The BBC Reports

The junior officers claimed they seized power "to restore democracy"  in oil-rich Gabon, where the ailing leader's family has ruled for 50  years.   

 Tanks and armoured vehicles could be seen in the capital Libreville.     One of the rebels was on the run for a brief period, before being  found hiding under a bed, reports Radio France Internationale.     

"The situation is calm. The gendarmes who are often stationed there  have taken control of the entire area around the radio and TV  headquarters, so everything is back to normal", said Guy-Bertrand  Mapangou. a government spokesman.

Strange times in Gabon, a country that most Americans couldn't identify on a map if you paid them.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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