"F*** B*****s. Get Money" Says Harris County Democrat Party Comm Director

Update:  Since publishing this article we have learned that Odus is now the chief of staff for Democrat State Rep. Jon Rosenthal.  Birds of a feather.  


Meet Odus Evbagharu - he's the communications director for the Harris  County Democrat Party and he's very comfortable using derogatory words  for black people and women. 

Not long  ago one of our listeners sent me a link to a tweet by Odus Evbagharu -  the Harris County Democrat Party communications director.

The tweet was from December 4th, 2018 - Odus was referring to an elderly white voter in Houston as "Ole Pasty".  

Basically Odus, a leader at the Harris County Democrat Party, thinks being old and white is demeaning and derogatory.

Curious about his other tweets, I started to browse his timeline.  What I found was rather interesting.

In short, the communications director of Harris County Democrat Party used the "N" word an almost countless number of times (dozens and dozens - too many to count).

On May 26th, 2017, Odus Tweeted, "plug, plug, plug, i'm the plug for her  - she want a n**** that pull her hair and hold the door for her."

On November 2, 2012, Odus tweeted, "F*** B*****s. Get Money."

Odus once referred to another Twitter user as the n-word before telling him he's getting lynched.  He said it in a  seemingly comedic manner - Odus was apparently trying to be funny.

On several different occasions Odus posted a link to a political news story with commentary that said, "What the f***?"  - this is the kind of deep thinking that happens at the Harris County Democrat Party when they're  reacting to news stories.  

On June 22, 2014, Odus tweeted, "My friends are all c***s.  F*** y'all."

Odus'  Twitter account speaks for itself.  Odus represents the kind of people  you'll meet at the Harris County Democrat Party.  He's literally the voice of our local Democrat party and he openly uses language that would probably make your grandmother cry if she heard him speak public.  

You stay classy, Texas Democrats.