Starbucks Welcomes Heroin Addicts But Not Legal Gun Owners

I love the Law of Unintended Consequences.  It’s predictable.  It will jump up and bite the butt of whoever is doing the virtue signaling.

Case in point: Starbucks

Starbucks, that home of over-roasted over-priced coffee served with a side of pretentiousness.  The place where that white barista with a degree in Feminist Studies from an Ivy League school tries to give their white-privileged suburban mom a lecture on race relations.  You know, that Starbucks.

Remember a few years ago when Starbucks got all wee-wee’d up about people bringing their guns in the place?  The company banned people from both licensed conceal-carry and lawful open carry in their stores.

Remember in May of 2018 how a Starbucks in Philly got in trouble because the manager wouldn’t let two black guys (who didn’t buy anything) use the restroom while they were waiting for some friends?  Yes, those guys hit a good payday after their arrest.  Trust me, look it up.

As a result of that little public relations disaster, Starbucks announced that their potties would be open to any and all comers! 

This policy seems to be working out spectacularly well.  In fact, Starbucks baristas are even learning new skills as a result.

Yes, I’m talking about biohazard disposal skills.

You see, in some Starbucks, the homeless people are camping out in the bathrooms, and are expressing their artistic side with whatever medium is readily available, including the kind of thing that we ALL produce, all over the bathroom walls.  Nice.

In other stores, people are shooting up whatever drugs they’ve managed to score, and are leaving their syringes in the bathroom.  In October, several employees reportedly were stuck by needles that had been tossed in the tampon receptacles.  They each had to rush for HIV testing and preventative meds to the tune of about $2000.  I don’t know about you, but it would seem to me that spending $2000 on meds that you shouldn’t need to be taking in the first place might cause me to re-think my employment.  Although Starbucks does offer a nice 401K and health insurance program.

This has sparked the hapless Starbucks baristas to demand syringe boxes in the bathrooms.

This got me to thinking.  There are cities where disposable syringes are handed out to the junkies and homeless folk, and that’s it.  They get clean needles.  That’s a good thing.  This action should reduce the spread of bloodborne diseases like HIV and hepatitis. 

But what actually happens to the needles once they’re used?

In most places, if the user doesn’t have a safe place to shoot up, the needle ends up in the street.  In fact, San Francisco already has an app to report that kind of thing, and one of city’s Hazmat crews will go clean them up.

Now we have Starbucks and the syringe disposal! 

I think we should applaud Starbucks for taking this action.  Not only do they provide a safe space for junkies and needle, but they now provide a resume enhancing skill for their employees—Biohazardous Waste Disposal technician.

What a great company!  I think I’ll go get a latte. 

Except I will go through the drive-thru.


Sandra Peterson
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