Lt Gov: 'Texas Can Help Build Trump's Wall' - Should We?

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick offered a hand to Trump with building the border wall.

Patrick's plan is to use the money from the state border security budget and  build in some of the more dangerous areas along our border. 

He  thinks Texas can do the work for less money than the federal government  who could, theoretically, repay the state for construction.

Patrick said, "The future of the country rests on what we do to protect this border."

He says there's a 200-mile plot of land between Brownsville and Falcon Lake that desperately needs stronger border security.

President Donald Trump insists that, while we can declare a national disaster to get the funds, “We shouldn’t have to.”

While  visiting McAllen with state officials the president told reporters he  is considering Patrick’s offer but Trump thinks he can do better.

Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall, "in a great trade deal."

What do you think, folks?  Should Texas help build the wall?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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