What shutdown? Dems Fly to Puerto Rico for Hamilton Screening w/ Lobbyists

What shutdown?

We have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news: things are really look up in  Puerto Rico since the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Now the bad news: despite the Federal government still in the midst of a record breaking shutdown, the Democrats decided to travel to Puerto Rico with lobbyists over the weekend so they could go see Hamilton live in  concert.

About 30 Democratic lawmakers left the government shutdown behind on Friday so they could charter a flight to Puerto Rico for a tropical vacation with 109 lobbyists and corporate executives.

They  had so much fun too!  They saw the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” and  attended three parties including one with the show’s cast.  Wow!  That  sounds great. But be careful about spending too much time with the cast  of Hamilton, Dems.  Hillary made that mistake during the 2016 election  and she ended up losing (all though that probably had more to do with  Hillary spending more time with the cast of Hamilton than she did with  the entire states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin combined).

Anyway,  the DC swamp creatures who attended the Congressional Hispanic Caucus  BOLD PAC winter retreat in San Juan were supposed to meet with officials  to discuss the cleanup after Hurricane Maria, but instead it appears  that most of them just partied all weekend.

A really bizarre photo of Senator Bob "Underage Hookers" Menendez hanging out with a chick in a bikini at the beach has surfaced online and it paints a very different picture of what the lawmakers actually spent their time doing during a weekend when they should have been negotiating a deal with Republicans to end the shutdown.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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