Austin Texas Liberals Decide to Build a Wall to Stop Crime

Austin, Texas: the pinnacle of liberalism and progressive values in the Lone Star State.

Austin was way ahead of the game when it came to pushing for programs like  government healthcare, easy access to abortion clinics, and gay rights.  

Considering their history with Leftist values, Austin's latest endeavor has a lot of people scratching their heads.

You see, the liberals in Austin want to... build a wall (a fence, more specifically).  

No,  we're not talking about one at our nation's southern border -  Austinites want a barrier that separates the Red River cultural district  from a place where homeless people are allegedly engaging in illegal  activity.  

Anyone who's ever been downtown in Austin  probably already knows there's an alley in that area which branches off  between Red River Street near 7th Street.  This alley connects the road  to a path below at Waller Creek.  According to local authorities, people  are doing unsavory things near that creek.   

And this is a problem; a problem that fencing can fix.  

But why?!  Walls (or fences) are immoral, as Pelosi has said, right?Well,  with the Austin Resources Center for the Homeless about a block away,  the alley is primarily used by some of the city's homeless to conduct  illegal activity. 

This area in downtown Austin knows has bars  and entertainment venues nearby the alley on both sides, and the patch  of land is right across the street from Hoboken Pie where manager Jerod  Ray says the hobos constantly going back and forth to engage in  questionable activity is hurting business. 

Wait a second,  progressives think building a barrier will solve a problem by preventing  criminals from breaking the law?!  This defies everything we've  recently learned about what dividing infrastructure represents to the  common man, according to Democrat party leadership.

Not  surprisingly, they didn't just reach this conclusion out of the blue.   After spending over a year studying how to improve the area, the city's  Economic Development Department decided building fences will fix the  problem.

Gosh, you mean they used research and data, not  racism and bigotry, to formulate this idea?  That sounds strikingly  similar to the proposed wall at our border! 

Meanwhile,  progressive activists in Austin, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat,  continue to protest Trump's border wall while simultaneously supporting  the local government workers and bureaucrats who intend to build this  barrier.  Gosh, it's almost like progressives are hypocrites, isn't it?  

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