Illegal Immigrant Accused of Murdering Four People in Nevada

A man accused of being in the U.S. illegally has purportedly shot and  killed four people in Nevada over the past two weeks, including an  elderly Reno couple, according to authorities.

Wilbur Ernesto  Martinez-Guzman is a 19-yr-old undocumented alien - the type of  individual who Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks we shouldn't keep out of our  nation.  

Originally from El Salvador, he's been been jailed  in Carson City since Saturday for a laundry list of reason - possession  of stolen property, burglary and immigration charges. 

But  authorities said they expect to file murder charges against him very  soon for the shooting deaths of an elderly couple and two women in the  small town of Gardnerville.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong  says federal immigration authorities told him that Martinez-Guzman was  in the country illegally. 

Investigators considered him "an imminent threat" when they arrested him on Saturday.

This is just one more reason why we need a border wall.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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