Watch: The Rage Mob Shutdown Covington Catholic School (video)

Angry protesters gathered outside Covington Catholic  High School yesterday.  Their demonstrations, coupled with threats made against students, prompted school officials to shutdown the campus until  further notice.  

The shutdown comes just two days after a  viral video showing Covington Catholic High School students being  harassed by black nationalists and aggressively approached by an elderly  Native American man who lied about serving in the Vietnam war.

The  rage mob was quick to point blame at underage kids for a tense on the  sidewalk in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but extended cellphone  footage emerged showing that the Native American activist and four  "Black Hebrew Israelites" (who are really just black supremacists) were  the instigators in the situation.

Student Nick Sandmann, who  as at the center of the video clips, has been the victim of multiple  death threats as a result of the incident.

Congratulations,  Leftists - much like with affirmative action laws, you found a new way  to keep white male Christians from going to school.  

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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