$87k a year? Gov't Workers Should Apply At Walmart

I hope the furloughed government workers hear this news.

Walmart, a company that has been mindlessly attacked by anti-capitalists for  years, is investing millions in their employee's salaries.   

The company is adding 900 new jobs and paying truck drivers an average wage of $87,500 a year.

Greg  Smith, executive vice president of Walmart U.S. Supply Chain, said,  “Truck drivers are a critical part of our team here at Walmart and have  been since Sam Walton started the private truck fleet in the 1970s."

Smith  added, "This wage increase reflects the importance of our private fleet  and our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best drivers in the  industry.”

Truck drivers also get company benefits on the  first day of employment which includes 21 days of paid time off during  their first year and they have predictable schedules so they know when  they'll be coming home.  Plus, drivers don't have to unload trucks.

Wow!  That sounds way better than working for the government. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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