Rampant Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas: Democrats Want You to Ignore It

The state of Texas is currently investigating almost 100,000 non-citizens purportedly on our voter rolls.  It’s  believed that thousands of these people have voted and influenced  elections in recent years. 

Texas officials believe 58,000 of those people have voted in one or more elections.

Leftist news outlets like the Texas Tribune are bending over backwards to nullify this report.  They want you to  believe voter fraud isn’t a problem because it benefits the politicians  who they support.  They are still defending the problem.

Attorneys from the Public Interest Foundation sued Harris County over a claim the county was concealing 'non-citizen  registrants.' The County has not yet handed over information pertaining  to this case.

So far the county has not revealed the records that show the extent of the problem here in Houston.

The case has recently headed to a Federal Court.

PILF also found issues in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, California and Florida.

And Democrats still say voter fraud isn’t a problem?

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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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