Watch: Chicago Thugs Rob People for Their Winter Jackets (video)

Normally crime goes down when it's really cold in Chicago, but not this year. 

It's so cold, two criminals in Chicago have been walking up to people on the street and stealing their Canada Goose jackets, right off their backs. 

If you don't know,  they're jackets that are super warm and super expensive . . . anywhere  from $550 to $1,700.  

A reporter talked to three people who own coats  like the ones that have been stolen.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Ken Webster Jr is a talk radio personality and producer from Houston, TX. He started his career in Chicago on the Mancow show and has since worked at dozens of radio stations all over the country. He’s currently the host of Pursuit of Happiness... Read more


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