Liberals Think Coal Miners With Dirty Faces Are Wearing 'Black Face'

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

An opinion writer for the Arizona Central & USA Today wrote a hit piece on a Phoenix restaurant because he thought they had a picture of white guys wearing 'black face' on their wall.

Turns out it was actually a photo of coal miners having a beer after they got off work.

But writer Rashaad Thomas wasn't having it - he says he was in Phoenix for a holiday party when he stumbled across white people celebrating racism.

The photo showed a group of about seven coal miners covered in soot with their faces blackened while drinking beer at a pub.

The photo also shows one man who doesn’t appear to be covered in soot and an unhappy woman.

Thomas’ friends tried to explain to him, “It’s coal miners at a pub after work.”

But he refused to believe there was a rational explanation for why white people had dirty faces.

He insisted that they ask a, "Latinx and white woman for their opinion.”

So that's what he did - and they also agreed, it was coal miners.

Still not satisfied, he ran home and wrote an angry op-ed about his experience with faux racism and now it sits on the internet forever

Amazingly, there are actually leftists on social media who support his theory.  

Folks, if you see racism when there is no racism, it's because you want there to be more racism.  You're obsessed with racism, which can be almost as dangerous as actually being a racist. Just look at Al Sharpton, Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King - race-baiting is no way to go through life, folks.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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