Get Ready: Covington Catholic Student's Lawsuits Are Coming

Are you a media outlet, celebrity or top tier journalist who launched a public attack on the Covington Catholic school kids?

If so, call your lawyer - massive lawsuits are coming.

Lawyers for a Covington Catholic school junior who became the face of a confrontation in Washington, D.C. have sent letters to media organizations, reporters and Diocesan officials demanding they preserve material in preparation for a lawsuit.

Student Nick Sandmann is represented by attorney Todd McMurtry of Fort Mitchell and L. Lin Wood of Atlanta, who more recently represented the brother of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey in a lawsuit against CBS after they suggested he murdered his sister. The case was settled.

For people who were quick to react to a short clip of the student smiling at an elderly Native American man, the reality of this situation is going to slap them in the face.

The Left tried to paint the kid as the instigator, but a group of Black Hebrew Israelites yelled slurs at the boys before Native American elder Nathan Phillips walked toward the boys playing a drum and loudly chanting in their faces while they waited for their school bus.

Lawyer up, lefties, because the lawsuits are coming. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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