Venezuela: Hugo Chavez's Daughter Enjoys Wealth While Nation Starves

Here's your daily reminder that socialism is theft.

Socialist revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez’s oldest daughter, Maria Gabriela, is supposedly Venezuela’s richest woman . She has a personal fortune of more than 4 billion dollars which she keeps hidden in European banks.

She's a 38-year-old who's never really held an actual job, yet somehow she's bathing in riches. Her younger sister fled the nation in shame sometime ago for flaunting her riches, but Maria remains in the country with diplomatic immunity as the alternative ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations.

But Gabriela, much like the other children of Venezuela’s wealthy, may not have learned her father's lesson about how being, "rich is bad’.

Her sister, Rosines Chavez, posted a picture of her holding up fists full of money on social media way back in 2016 before leaving the country for a comfortable life in Paris while people in Venezuela are trapped in poverty.

This has become the new normal in Venezuela: the ruling class enjoys affluence while everyone else is suffering.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made headlines after he hosted a banquet with Istanbul celebrity-chef Salt Bae last September but people in Venezuela can't afford fresh produce or meat. 

Maduro's stepsons, Yoswal Gavidia Flores and Walter Gavidia Flores, regularly travel around the world spending thousands of dollars on expensive hotels. 

I hope socialists in America are paying attention to what's happening in Venezuela.  

People like Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have become popular by talking about hyper-taxing the rich and punishing people who earn too much, but that sort of rhetoric is how the socialist revolution started in Venezuela years ago.

Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in South America. Today it's an abysmal pit of suffering and poverty.  

Blame socialism. 

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