Fact Checking Stacey Abram's Rebuttal

The establishment Democrats chose Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams to be their voice as a rebuttal to President Trump. That says a lot about her as a possible candidate for POTUS in 2020.

So how was her performance? Last night Stacey was full of tacos, pizza, ice cream and hamburgers, but more than anything, she was full of bologna. Since her speech didn't have a lot of content, there's actually not much to fact-check. But when she tried to make a claim, it was often far from reality.

Here's a fact checker's guide to Stacey Abram's State of the Union Address rebuttal to President Trump.


Let's start off with this one - Stacey says the economy is horrible right now and tax cuts were bad for working class folks.


Fact : The economy is doing better under Trump than it was under Obama and tax cuts had a huge influence on that truth. There's a record-breaking low number of people seeking unemployment benefits and the average hourly pay is running ahead of inflation. There's also record low unemployment for minorities. Not too shabby.



Next Stacey called attention to "cages" that allegedly contain children at our border.  She also said Trump separates families at the border. 


Fact : When Stacey says "cage" she's talking about chain link fences, which Obama also used. These places are actually safety areas and are used to protect the children, not punish them. The practice of separating families ended under Trump but was also an Obama policy. Weird how she doesn't mention that.


Abrams didn't spend much time talking about the Democrat's new policy - fourth trimester abortion. She also didn't disagree with Trump's call for unity, which was the main focus of his speech. Considering the content of her speech, it's pretty obvious she wrote the rebuttal before she even heard what Trump was planning to address on his speech.

Fun fact: Stacey Abrams will never be President. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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