Watch: Stacey Abrams: Anti-Free-Market & Pro-NonCitizens Voting (video)

Last night Stacey Abrams gave the rebuttal to Donald Trump's State of the Union Address, indicating the establishment wing of the Democrat party very likely wants this women to be their candidate in 2020.

But Stacey didn't just fall out of a tree yesterday - she's been involved in far-left Georgia politics for quite some time and, as you may already know, she recently lost the gubernatorial race in her home state.

Here's a clip of her back during the 2018 election telling voters about the evil free market, which is the system that supplies the vast majority of them with a paycheck (or at least those with jobs).


Not surprisingly, Stacey is anti-guns. Like a lot of Southern Democrats, she commonly starts her anti-gun diatribe with a rant about how she's a gun user too, she just wants stricter laws (suuuuuure).


Here's Stacey from last year explaining how she's 100% okay with non-citizens voting.

Wow! This explains why Democrats don't care about border security. 


So there you have it - this is the Dem's girl in 2020. Now enjoy her SOTU rebuttal.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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