Gucci Removes "Blackface" Sweater From Online Store


A black sweater from Gucci’s 2018 “Fall Winter” collection has offended the outrage community. Triggered Leftists are calling it “Haute Couture Blackface for millennials.”

If you're not offended by the design, you might be offended by the $900 price-tag for a “knit top” that features a large mouth cover with big red lips on it.

The company originally described the item as follows:

   “Inspired by vintage ski masks, multicolored knitted balaclavas walked the runway, adding a mysterious feel to this collection. The Fall Winter 2018 runway show space reflected the stark environment of an operating room, emulating the theme of the collection where reconstructing materials and fabrics created a new identity.”

The sweater appears to have been removed from Gucci's website, but the offended fashion consumers on social media still remain.


Everyone appears to be searching for hidden meaning but maybe it's just an ugly sweater with no subtext?

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