Elderly Texas Couple Fights Off Clown-Faced Thugs With Scooter

If you like justice, here's your happy-ending story for the day.

Two guys wearing clown masks tried to rob a Houston-area couple outside their house in Texas City with a machete last Friday. 

But the couple fought back! The wife broke her granddaughter's scooter in half, beat them with it, then held them down with her husband until the cops got there.

Early Friday morning Aretha Cardinal was sitting in her driveway with her husband when two thugs ambushed them while wearing clown masks.

They demanded money and threatened her husband with a machete

Despite being threatened, the couple wasn't interested in being victims, so they fought back by using their granddaughter's toy scooter as a weapon.

Aretha claims they punched and hit the men until help arrived.

Aretha told Fox 26 , "Me and my husband held them down, you know, commence to beating them until the laws came."

When Texas City Police drove up to the house they found Luis Jimenez, 32, and Jose Lugo, 35, still fighting with the elderly couple, according to the report.

Jose and Luis have been charged with aggravated robbery.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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