Florida politician resigns after licking & grabbing genitals for dominance

In a news cycle filled with outrageous political reports and no shortage of strange behavior in Florida, those two worlds just collided together. 

The city commissioner in Madeira Beach, Florida had to resign on Wednesday after she was accused of grabbing the former city manager's crotch and licking his face to establish dominance. 

The purported victim's name is Shane Crawford, and he says she's done similar things to other guys too. 

Oakley insists the incident never happened but, according to the report, the Florida Commission on Ethics investigated and they agree that Oakley sexually harassed the former city manager.

On Wednesday night the political career of the alleged face-licking, ball-grabbing Floridian took a hiatus when the city commission censured her and accepted her resignation.

This whole controversy stems back to November 2012. That's when then City Manager Shane Crawford says the events took place. 

“She would grab your genitalia and then lick you from your Adam's apple, up across your face. And it just wasn't a pleasant issue and she did that to show dominance,” he told CBS 17.

At a special city commission meeting members of the community came forward to support of dispute the licking & ball grabbing

One woman said she was, "sick and tired of the embarrassing headlines created by the majority of this commission."

Sick and tired of headlines about a ball-grabbing city commissioner?! Only in Florida.

Over the next 30 days Oakley may or may not file an appeal with the State Commission on Ethics ruling. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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