Virginia Governor Plans Blackface Tour

In the wake of his dead-baby & blackface scandals, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has announced he's going on tour!

Northam, the moonwalking Michael Jackson enthusiast, probably won't be resigning over the racist photos in his medical school yearbook page, but he is finalizing plans for a statewide “listening tour” to prove to African-American voters that he's really super sorry about the blackface thing and he's never gonna do it again.

And according to Buzzfeed News, he's very likely planning to sign legislature to remove Confederate Statues from around the state sometime in the near future, if such a bill is placed on his desk.

So what will his listening tour entail?  It's still too soon to tell but one thing is for sure: he's really for real ultra sorry about the blackface thing that he did a long time ago.

But he's still cool with dead babies.

Photo of racist Governor by Getty Images

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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