Man Who Killed Mountain Lion With Bare Hands Speaks Out

You need to hear this story! The bad ass who killed a mountain lion after being attacked during a run in Colorado earlier this month is speaking out to explain how he suffocated the young cat and survived with very few injuries.

Travis Kauffman, a hardcore all American warrior, spoke publicly for the first time yesterday, according to Fox News.

He's originally from Alabama and he says when the attack took place he just wanted to "go on a pretty long scenic run," and headed out around noon.

As he was jogging he "heard some pine needles rustle behind" him.

So he turned his head and that's when he said he felt his "heart sink."

He saw the mountain lion roughly 10 feet away so he threw his hands up in the air and started yelling but the mountain lion kept approaching and lunged at him.

The cat latched its jaw onto Kauffman's right wrist so he tried to protect his face as the mountain lion clawed at him.

Kauffman said he kept doing his "barbarian yell as best I could," while he tried throwing the cat off him.

Both of them ended up tumbling down a slope.

Kauffman said, "From there it was just like a wrestling match — it was thrashing and it still had my wrist locked in its jaws," so he pinned down the cat's back legs using his left knee.

He attempted to throw sticks and a large rock at the lion but to no avail.

Eventually he was able to transition his body weight, moving his right leg up toward his wrist, and stepped on the cat's neck — suffocating it.

After the fight was over Kauffman e was on a "crazy high" so he ran back towards civilization.

As he ran he noticed lion tracks everywhere and realized his surroundings were "perfect lion territory."

Dude - Kauffman, you are an all American red-blooded hardcore bad ass.

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