Texas: Supreme Court Reverses Decision to Execute Inmate (Again)

Is there an echo in here?

For the second time the US Supreme Court has reversed a decision to execute a Texas death row inmate for being intellectually disabled.

Bobby Moore, a 59-year-old from Houston, was sentenced to death 38 years ago after he fatally shot a store clerk in 1980. 

In 2014, after waiting 26 years to be executed, took his case to a Texas court where they ruled an intellectually disabled man can't be sentenced to death.

From there his case was moved to a Texas Court of Appeals who overruled that decision. The case made it's way to the Supreme Court who agreed Moore was not fit for death row before the case went back to the Texas Court of Appeals. 

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, a Democrat who received funding for her campaign from billionaire George Soros, made a similar argument that Moore was intellectually disabled and should not be executed. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agreed to hear the case again and determined Moore still wasn't qualified to be spared execution.

So Moore and Ogg took the matter to the Supreme Court and, in a rare moment when a state prosecutor and an inmate both argued for the same thing, asked SCOTUS to reverse the Texas court's decision without holding a hearing or grant a second review. The justices agreed to the later.

Now Moore's case will go back to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for another decision. 

All of this begs a very important question to the citizens of this great nation - do you agree that mentally disabled person shouldn't be allowed to be executed? What if the crime was incredibly heinous? What if the suspect is a danger to anyone he comes in contact with including other inmates?  Does having a low IQ somehow mean you shouldn't be used as example of why murderers don't deserve to continue living after killing an innocent person? And if so, why? 

What would the Founding Fathers say about this ruling?  The Founding Fathers were against the idea of cruel and unusual punishment. Is 38-years on death row an example of cruel and unusual punishment?

It's hard to imagine the Founding Fathers would side with a murderer, but one can only guess. After all, they aren't alive today to tell us. 

And neither is Moore's victim.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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