#MeToo Spray-Painted on Iconic WW2 Statue

That's weird, the feminazis of the world decided to tag this woman with their red scarlet letter. Isn't that a form of slut shaming?

A Florida statute depicting the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a dental assistant on VJ-Day was vandalized with the words “#MeToo” on Monday night.

Sarasota police said the phrase was painted in red on the left leg of the woman in the “Unconditional Surrender” statue in Sarasota early Tuesday.

The paint covered the length of the nurse’s leg.

We're not sure why feminists have a problem with this statute (or the photo it represents) because the woman it depicts was contacted in 2013 and she claims it was a voluntary kiss. She wasn't sexually assaulted or forced to participate. 

George Mendosa, the 96-year-old sailor, died at an assisted living facility in Rhode Island on Sunday.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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