Socialists in Academdia Are Robbing Your Kids

Let's talk about young progressives and the colleges who robbed them of their financial futures.

A video recently surfaced on social media portraying a young female recent college graduate at a Bernie Sanders rally wearing a sign around her neck that says, "$226k."

She's wearing the sign because that's how much college debt she has and that's also the reason why she now supports Bernie.

Bernie has promised to rescue all the young people who regrettably signed up for really expensive college programs not realizing what they were getting into at the time.

The woman in the video claims to be a speech pathology major. According to the Google, the average salary for a speech pathologist is about $76,610. Of course, that's not a starting salary.  You're gonna earn much less when you first start in that field (or any field).

So this young lady supports a socialist for President because he's promised to fix this problem for her.

Guess who else wants Bernie to be President? I'll give you a hint - it's the very same people who charged this girl $226,000 for a speech pathology degree. Yes, people in academia LOVE socialism. Why wouldn't they? In a socialist society you can theoretically get paid a high salary for doing nothing (and creating nothing).

Socialists love the idea of taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots. But their definition of the "haves" probably differs greatly from yours. These tenured professors and college administrators are taking home 6-figure salaries, sometimes as high as $200,000 or $300,000.  They want Bernie to be President because if they can siphon more money from the government to pay for people to go to college, they can also charge more to the students who attend their schools. After all, the kids aren't paying the tab, so why would they care how much it costs?

It's the same thing with our healthcare industry. When the person receiving the services isn't paying the whole bill, why would they care how much it costs?

But someone somewhere is paying the bill and that someone is you, the taxpayers of America.  According to CNBC about 44 million Americans collectively have almost $1.5 trillion in student debt. If you consider that the US Federal budget for 2019 is about $4 trillion, it's easy to see how we're never going to be able to afford to have free education, free healthcare and free guacamole for every socialist loving young person in America who wants to get a four year degree in speech pathology, Greek mythology or geek-stripperology while enjoying a tax-payer funded sex change.

If the socialists can convince America that this system will work, they'll destroy our country. They want you to believe American can be socialist like countries in Scandinavia, which aren't even technically socialist countries. Countries in Scandinavia use a system called Nordic capitalism - not socialism - and they also aren't responsible for providing a military to fend off the rogue nations of the world. That burden falls on our shoulders. 

There are lots of reasons why socialism won't work, but maybe these far-left nutjobs are doing us all a favor. After all, they've shown us their true colors and we no longer have to pay them to brainwash our kids. We pay 6-figure sums of money to send young folks to these colleges and they come home drowning in debt and absent of any discernible job skill. Young people in America can earn just as much money going to trade school as they can after attending college - more money, actually - and they can do it in a shorter amount of time.  America doesn't need more art majors, but we do need more plumbers, electricians and carpenters.  If you're not going to study a medical or science field, you probably have no business attending college.   

Consider a trade field, young folks - you'll thank me later. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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